My team match : ♔ TCP vs ♔NMA-RFVL!♔/ 3 days/move / Open - Board 59

Oct 4, 2013, 7:04 AM |

Game 1: In a closed game, I exchanged my light square bishop for his knight ( As knights are better than Bishop in closed position), and got an good outpost for my knight on my 5th rank, which had tied up his pieces to defense. He gave up his bishop for my active knight, and the outpost was occupied by my queen, which had formed a battery with my dark squared bishop and was eyeing at white king.Inaccuracy on move 18 by my opponent, led to him loosing a piece and he resigned.


Game 2: was in a bad position, when Q+ R vs Q+ R endgame arose. My opponent had extra pawn, both his R and Q were on my 2nd rank, and my rook was tied up inorder to prevent mate of my king. Only my Queen was active. Had black played carefully, he would have got his extra pawn promoted and would have won the game. A innaccuracy at move 33, allowed me to win his extra pawn. Further R + 2P vs R endgame arose. Greed for my pawn resuled in him loosing his rook, and he resigned.