with my friends

Sep 23, 2013, 9:23 AM |


Here is a game, where, after winning the exchange, I get a strong passed pawn, which decides the game in my favor. 

 A poor pawn move, results in me loosing a winning game, and the game is drawn. Click here to know my failure to win.

From winning to loss. Can you spot my mistake. Click here

A wrong move order cost me the game, here is the game

OCT 2013 : 8/10/13--

A delayed c3 sicilian, a slight inaccuracy by my friend costs him a pawn, and a blunder a rook. I am up with 2 pawns and a rook. But, even being ahead by so much material, i need to be careful, otherwise the game would have drawn with perpetual check.


This game illustrates many things like : lead in development, better pawn structure, harm of getting queen early in the game, hazard of moving same pieces again and again, combination possible when pieces are better developed.

BISHOPS of SAME color endgame. CLICK HERE

Advantage in space, tying up enemy pieces. Click here

BISHOP + Pawns vs Pawn endgame. Theme: Passed pawn, exchanging, pin, tactics for stale mate. CLICK HERE

Click here, for another game.