What is this?

What is this?

Dec 22, 2010, 1:46 PM |

Hello everybody.

Well today I bring one of the questions that arises when we play chess: `` What is this? ``

Everyone has faced positions, openings and defenses we do not know, or know but maybe  we have not thoroughly studied.

I say we should not be afraid of these positions as they are a good way to learn and become better at chess, maybe at first sight perhaps they seem scary as it is unexplored terrain but we must always remember the basics of chess.








The basics of chess are:


Mastering the center


Taking the initiative

If you take the initiative you play more actively and agressive and you take the control of what is gonna happen, but be careful because it can turn against you.

Natalia Pogonina did an article about this theme, go check it out its very interesting. Initiative

Well that´s all for this post, hope you like it and learned something from it. If you have any questions comment and tell me what you want to be the next  blog about.

See you later.Cool