MUSIC ANALYSIS: Commentary on Flame’s New Album Forward

Aug 1, 2015, 4:19 PM |

If you're any kind of Christian rap fan, then you most certainly know that Flame has release his revolutionary new album Forward, and with it have come a couple of surprises.

For one, this is the first Flame album not to be released of streaming media. This has been a bit frustrating for me, although it looks like somebody noticed you can't stream the album and posted the whole thing on YouTube a day after the album released, but still, streaming music on YouTube is SO 2009.

On the second front, which I will speak about when I review the album, is that Forward is quite groundbreaking and revolutionary. It's the first Christian rap album that I've heard that addresses anti-Christian trends in culture and government, with homosexuality and a lack of good role models bearing the blunt of his criticisms. Before you wile out, remember that Flame ain't the first dude to make music about homosexuality, and if Macklemore can write Same Love without catching flack than surely Flame can. Also, this will be a lifesaver for the Christian rap industry, because it's hard to write raps with treading the familiar ground of Rewind, Rebel or even Holy Culture. Of course, heavily theological Christian rap is always good for the soul, but who wants to listen to Christian rap if they know all they will hear is songs with basically the same lyrics of Wait by Lecrae, Sola Scriptura by Flame or Lord You Are by Cross Movement? This busts the Christian rap game wide open, saving it from the non-Christian Christian rappers, who follow the lead of Social Club.