TECH & TV ANALYSIS: How Cord-Cutting Companies Can Cut Local TV Red Tape

Dec 12, 2015, 3:54 PM |

My family wants to cut the cord, and we found a wonderful service called PlayStation Vue. There's only one issue; you have to live in one of five cities to have it. Their problem likely stems from them striving to aquire deals with local TV channels. There are so many of them, that could take forever! Apple TV tried this and grew impatient, postponing their service that they were working on. How can companies get around this issue without abandoning local TV channels? They can't...

Just kidding.

Here's how to do it: make a national online version of a broadcast channel. For instance, strike a deal with NBC to make a national TV channel. The station would be just the same as its local counterpart, minus local programming like news, etc. Channels like ABC and CBS can air news, while NBC and FOX could air reruns. And the companies can still carry local channels! Just add them to the service once the deal has been reached. This way, we get our services sooner, and the cable alternatives will get more business.

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