TECH ANALYSIS: Apple Pump-Fakes

Jul 14, 2015, 8:50 PM |


Any ordinary Apple fan would have heard the gazillion leaks and rumors about a new generation of iPods. First it was coming out in June. Then it was supposedly coming out today. What is happening here? Apple may be doing one of two things.

1) Apple may be pump-faking. This is more likely of the two. I think Apple is likely faking out tech blogs, deliberately placing false leaks around the net. You see, as proven by the last few years, Apple wants every one or your products to be theirs, or be controlled by them. HomeKit connects lights & AC. A rumored new streaming service is likely coming (via Apple TV) to take over your TV. Macs take up your computing, there are iPads for work and play on the go, iPhones and iPods as well. Apple likely would LOVE to kill the iPod right now...except that it breaks a link of its meticulously-crafted universe. And you know what they say; a chain is only as good as its weakest link. Also, iPod fans (the few there are left) want a new device. Let's face it, iPods are SO 2012. No, I'm serious.

Taking into account the fact that iPods take up a small amount of revenue for Apple, and this pump-faking makes sense. It hypes up the device, which already is more seached on Google than the Apple Watch, hoping that with more hype more people will buy iPods just because of the hype.

2) Apple is Toying With Its Fans

This is what I thought at first when I noticed at about 2 PM and the iPod didnt show. If i have learned ANYTHING from being an Apple fan, it's that Apple always ALWAYS has their events at 11 AM, their time. Thats about 1 or 2 PM where I am. Of course, the idea that Apple is actually toying with their audience just so they can laugh at the bloggers and shake fans' trust in unofficial leaks is quite a stretch.