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TECH RUMORS: What To Expect From Apple During Keynote Today (On The Mass Media Front)

TECH RUMORS: What To Expect From Apple During Keynote Today (On The Mass Media Front)

Mar 21, 2016, 7:40 AM 0

Many of you may have picked this up, but I am an Apple fan. I've watched at least one of Apple's Keynotes every year for years. However, I'm not interested in EVERYTHING Apple's doing. Just the multimedia stuff. Beats, Apple Music, iTunes, and iPods, that sort of thing. So here are my speculations.

1) Apple will launch 4 more Beats stations today, and likely make them only available to Apple Music subscribers or making it free only for a limited time, like the iTunes Radio stations were. Expect one of the stations to air DJ mixes 24/7 since Apple got the rights to thousands of DJ mixes in the past week.

2) Expect Apple to announce Vital Signs starring Dr. Dre, release a trailer, and announce a release date. Also expect Apple to release all episodes from the season at once, like Netflix does.

3) (Maybe) Expect Apple to release some sort of video streaming service. They are currently building (although they may have finished by now) their own video streaming infrastructure that they could utilize. If they launch this, please be forewarned, not all shows on iTunes will be streamable on the service. The same thing happened with Apple Music, where Flame's album Forward was not available on Apple Music, nor Spotify for that matter. Expect large battles in the coming months over contracts for this very service.

4. Definitely expect Apple to update iTunes today, as Eddy Cue said as much.


Of course, I could be wrong. What do YOU think? Comment below.

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