The NFL Non-story

Sep 20, 2014, 10:45 AM |


I'm sure you all know about the controversy surronding the NFL. If not, let me fill you in. In short, Ray Rice decked his then fiance and the NFL suspended him two or three games. Of course the was the outcry from the media, "don't you care about the women?" yadda yadda yadd. Then TMZ found some tape and then the NFL suspended Ray indefinitey. More crying from the media and now Ray's trying to appeal the suspension because he says he was unfairly punished twice for the same crime.

Now if there's one thing to notice here, it's the fact that the media is calling for the NFL to punish players. Forget police. I think it's absurd. Why does Roger Goodell need to punish Ray Rice? I think Ray has a point to make about being punished twice because remember, this is not the law. This is the NFL! Why should the NFL have to punish players? The law has or will probably punish them efficiently. Ray Rice IS being punished unfairly, and so is any other player caught up in this stupid web the media has made for the NFL. I am in no way condoning or supporting the acts of any player who breaks the law (except I think the Vikings player should b heftily fined not jailed but never mind) but I abhor the pressure put up against Roger Goodel. With everyone against him I almost feel sorry for him.

But that's just me. Please post your opinion in the comments