Thoughts on Ferguson

Aug 20, 2014, 4:19 AM |

After the shooting at Ferguson, we now know more about the incident than we know now.

"Big Mike" goes and robs this store for cigarellos with his friend and roughs him up. Meanwhile, back at the police station, the policeman hears the report and the desciption of the criminal and is going to respond to the robbery, but these two dudes are literally walking in the middle of the way. He says, "Get the (Choice word here) out of the middle of the street." Either they move out of the way or he goes around him. But then he realizes that "Big Mike" fits the description of the robber. So he backs up, intending to arrest him. Mike hands the cigarellos to his friend so he can confront this officer with free hands. When they officer's car gets to them, the window is open. He pushes against the door and tries to grab the officer's weapon but he can't. He then tries to run for it. When the officer opens the door and draws his weapon to go after Mike, Mike comes back. The officer thinks that Mike will rip him to shreds considering what he did to the store clerk, and tells him to stop. When he doesn't stop the officer shoots and kills Mike.

My Thoughts.

Notice I did not mention skin color. It's irrelevant. The officer would have killed him if he were white! And the media tries to make this case that the police are bad and everybody else is good. I'm a Christian conaervative 14 year old black guy. I'm not looking around for a race war! Why are people racing to war?

When it comes to "demilitarizing" the police, that can get out of hand because policemen are law biding citizens and thugs aren't So thugs will be able to get their arms on these automatic guns and the police are armed with a pistol? Please.

Big Mike wasn't killed for being black. He was killed because he confronted an officer.

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