3. Spike 1.0 vs. Toga 2

Dec 24, 2008, 3:33 PM |

The closest round so far. There were some thrilling games where Spike 1.0 hung on against the deep Toga 2 engine. The first was a solid Four Knights Svenonius Variation where the symmetrical position meant that neither side could capitalise. The game ended with insufficient material after 112 moves.

So it was Spike 1.0 as white in the second game and we had a thrilling Nimzo-Indian Rubinstein. The game was changing favours every 5 moves, and it appeared that it was heading for a dull ending with oppositely coloured bishops leading to a draw. Both sides fell into trouble and after 84 moves they had under a minute and a half each which hampered their ability to discover a winning line. The game finished spectacularly and you can see all 111 moves below.