4. Rybka 1.0 vs. Toga 2

Dec 25, 2008, 4:31 AM |

The match is now over and it was clear that Rybka 1.0 BETA 32-bit was let down by its inability to play under 'fast' time conditions. Where Toga 2 was searching over 1 million nodes/sec, Rybka 1.0 was only going through 90k in the 1st game, and 150.000 in the 2nd.

So Toga 2 took the first game with relative ease and it looked like the famous Rybka was going out and waiting for its bigger and better counter-part Rybka 2.2.But another Queens pawn Veresov showed Rybka's true colours, and took the match to a 5 minute tie-break.

Admittedly Toga 2 was the favourite with its faster operating search engine, but the game wasn't so one sided as one might think.