5. Toga 2 vs. Crafty 21.5

Dec 26, 2008, 3:13 PM |

Match 5 of the best chess engine search is now over. It was between the unbeaten Toga 2 and the world famous Crafty.

The first game gave Toga 2 the white pieces and saw, yet again, another Queens Pawn Veresov. The game was dead even after 54 moves and it looked as though neither side was going to win the endgame. Despite having exactly 1.5 minutes over the opposition, Crafty 21.5 fell to the power of a passed pawn and Toga 2 capitalised immediately. Black resigned.








The second was a Four Knight's Game and black 'mimicked' white up to the 7th move. It seemed that Crafty made a blunder on move 16 where the game went from roughly equal, to a strong advantage to black. The game went as follows:








Toga 2 moves on with it's 3rd consecutive win. Possible challenges lie in the form of the formidable Rybka 2.2, the latest Spike (1.2), and Crafty's latest chess machine.