Traps traps traps

Apr 16, 2013, 11:37 AM |

We all fall for opening traps every now and then, but recently I seem to have fallen for too many (but thankfully given a few back in return too). Without much further ado, lets have a look at some:


Ok, so thats a very extreme example of note thinking you're in danger during the opening - beware of cheap tactics from the start! (I suppose its a good example of a poisoned pawn too, terribly poisoned. More poisoned than the b2 Najdorf pawn, anyway.)

Playing the Ruy Lopez in rapid games, I find, is excellent as people forget about the e5 pawn completely! Exchanging your light-squared bishop on c6 and taking on e5 can work, you just have to know when to play it.

As I play the Ruy Lopez more often then not, I really shouldn't have let that happen. Hopefully I definitely won't after writing a blog on it. 

To finish I thought I'd show you a neat opening laced with tactics from a game I was playing today that made me write this blog, enjoy :)

Just goes to show even during turn-based games it is too easy to fall for traps and tactics! Stay frosty.