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Hello Chess - it's been a long long time .....

Hello Chess - it's been a long long time .....

Dec 26, 2016, 9:15 PM 2

Hello, my name is Mark and it's been nearly 35 years since I last played chess ! This is absolutely true - I played a little with a father of a friend when I was 16 and have not played a game of chess until a just over a month ago. Not really a long lost love, more of a forgotten dusty corner of my life.


At the beginning of November I finally upgraded my old Nokia cell phone to a Google project Fi Nexus 5. I am not a Neo-Luddite, I just hate the intrusive nature of cells phone especially the way they extend the working day into a 24hr endeavor to impress the "boss". Anyhow, the Nexus runs Android 7 and during a curious ramble through the app store I found chess.com.


For us "average" players there are two issues with chess - firstly finding someone to actually play against and, secondary finding a person who is actually at your level, (some of the reasons I stopped playing so quickly was beer, girls and techno - but finding equally skilled players probably had a small amount to do with it too).


Chess.com has solved the two issues, and father time, two kids and 15yrs of marriage has solved(removed?), the other hurdles. This blog, for however long I actually bother to write it will chronicle my rise, and most definite falls, as I try to pick up the game again from scratch. I promise a honest blog with not too much good chess, but maybe a few insights and victories that might inspire someone else to taking up the game... !

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