Outline of three year commitment

Outline of three year commitment

Mar 4, 2017, 10:32 AM |

I recently participated in my first OTB tournament, receiving a performance rating of 825 (CFC rating).   Very humbling experience.  I am committing to regular chess study over the next three years and returning to the same annual tournament each year, in the hopes of improving my performance ratings: hoping for a 1025/1225/1400 performance rating progression over the next three tournaments respectively.

I have roughed out the next two years of study; the third year is as yet undefined.   I would like within the next two years to complete the following 14 point study plan, in perhaps the following rough order:


1. Chess.com Beginner Study Plan material

2. Silman's Complete Endgame Course (to be completed in stages over time)

3. Pandolfini, Endgame Course 

4. Chernev, Logical Chess Move by Move

5. Weeramantry, Best Lessons of a Chess Coach

6. Emms, Discovering Chess Openings

7. Renaud, Art of the Checkmate

8. Chess.com Intermediate Study Plan material

9. Silman, The Amateur Mind

10. Capablanca, Chess Fundamentals

11. Vukovic, Art of the Attack

12.  Silman, How to Re-assess Your Chess

13. Nimzovitch, My System

14. Chess.com Advanced Study Plan material