Hi There.

Hi There.

Sep 4, 2010, 12:20 AM |

About me:

My name:Marthinus van Rensburg



Marital status:single and i love it...

My Interests:

I have a absolute passion for avionics and enny thing that involves flying.I spent most of my free time flying my microlite aircraft or at my pigeon loft training my racing pigeons.

I allso love out door living and loves camping fishing and gardening.

My Lifestyle.

I am one of those people who allmost never sleep.life is to short for that.When i work i work hard.When i play i play even harder.A day unfortunateley only have 24 hours.I try to make the most of every second and try to fit a nother hour to every day.

My Dislikes.

People who waste my time and who dont know what they want in life.

About Chess???

It has become a obsession...I never had enny formal training.What i know about it i learned my self through reading a book and started playing on this site...I enjoy it a lot and can play a mean game.i never give up.Even when i blunder.There is quite a lot of psychology involved in playing this game.And i believe one just need to asess your oponent to have the upper hand.Rating is not allways that important.Maybe i sound like little David against Goliath...LOL.

A game gets won be chekmate.And i dont stop playing untill the last moove.So for enny of you who read this...be prepared for a battle until the end.

Thanks for reading my blog and let the good times roll...