Drawing a person

Oct 11, 2010, 4:40 PM |

When u r winning a person, so badly, and he decides to put draw with me,it's very rude because

the person only cares about rank or doesnt want to lose.If he has to go like emergency, then depending how bad hes losing,then u accept the draw like ur winning by 1-3 or up to 5 just to show ur a good person.NOBODY KNOWS IF HES/SHES TELLING THE TRUTH.When ur about to win,then he should wait or click resign unless he only cares about rank.THATS NOT THE PURPOSE TO LOOK GOOD IN RANK.ITS TO MEASURE THE LEVEL UR IN AND THE EXPERIENCE.SOME PEOPLE GET MAD JUST BECAUSE OF RANK IS GOING TO DROP.IF THEY WANT TO GET A HIGHER RANK,U HAVE TO EARN IT, NOT DRAW EVERY TIME UR ABOUT TO LOSE.It's ok if he's/she's offering a draw if he's/she's winning.

So when u happen to come across a person,if u have time then just ignore themĀ  saying with the draw(They have to wait cause ur almost out of time and also very rude talking while someone is about to lose on time,they have to focus!)Then friends tell me, what is the best thing to do in dis situations?We have to have manner and at the same time not letting people trick u?