🪓 How Many Flags are you Missing? ⚔️  "Crazy to Unlock Many Flags" 🛡️Tournament By correspondence 🏆

🪓 How Many Flags are you Missing? ⚔️ "Crazy to Unlock Many Flags" 🛡️Tournament By correspondence 🏆

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⚔️ New challenge 🛡️ get 241 Flags 🏁​🏆

This club has set a new goal to meet, which is to reach the 241 flags in the passport of your profile on chess'com. We understand that it is super difficult to get all those flags, therefore as the administrator of this club and organizer of this challenge, I will take it upon myself to invite new players from all countries to join Mjölnir.

🪓​ Tournament By correspondence: 1 day (24h) 
"Crazy to Unlock Many Flags" ⚔️ There are already 102 confirmed players for this event, take advantage and join!
 15:00 UTC | 23 nov 2022 | Success! 🥳 

You are welcome to the Mjölnir club to achieve your goals faster:

Club Mjölnir:

In the Mjölnir Club I have managed to unlock 15 new flags, achieving a total of 202 flags, I still have many flags missing, but with the next tournaments I am sure I will reach the goal.

My Passport:


I remind you, that the profile prizes must be sent, at the end of each game, and also with a respective GG in the chat.


It is not an obligation, but it is a good sporting gesture. That's the magic of chess, Sportsmanship above all and have fun!

🪓​ Next Internal Arena Tournament in the club:
"Crazy to Unlock Many Flags" ⚔️ 

15:00 UTC | 25 nov 2022 Friday | Duration: 2h

18:00 UTC | 02 dic 2022 Friday | Duration: 2h

23:00 UTC | 02 dic 2022 Friday | Duration: 2h

Success! 🥳 


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Four Player Chess

¡Que Increíble! 160 casillas y 64 piezas de ajedrez en un tablero, lleno de Emoción, Pasión y Sentimiento, un Game Altamente Psicológico, debes conocerlo en toda su dimensión espacial es genial...

Inicie siendo un típico y novato 1500, hasta convertirme en un Player de Good Level. Se han seleccionado Las Mejores Batallas mas Épicas; te invito a conocer, como subí mas de 700 puntos ELO en los últimos 6 meses V/S Players realmente difíciles, de gran juego Táctico.

"Estamos Listos para Vencer a Los Dioses" 

Títulos y Performance:

🏆Champions⚔️ New Standard Elite  1|7FFA💎  | año 2022
tournaments Top Player FFA Rapid | ELO 2700 | año 2023
tournaments Top Player Chaturaji Rapid | ELO 2300 | año 2023

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Four Player Chess & Variants:

@martinaxo :4PCAdmin:

Club Mjölnir:
Club Chaturdrez:

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