⚔️Self Partner 🛡️ 1st Arena in W4PCC | Qualifier #4

⚔️Self Partner 🛡️ 1st Arena in W4PCC | Qualifier #4

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Really incredible battles against very strong players in this category!

Marathon Self Partner

The first world championship in this category is being held and it has left an excellent experience, I never thought I would say this, but this Omatamix Setup is beginning to seem interesting to me, since by making all the decisions in the game, more variants can be revealed of plays that have not been done before, or at least in FFA you don't see many opening options.

My favorite game in FFA is still BY Setup, but anyway I invite you to see how I manage to beat the best TEAM players in this new Self partner competition, where you dominate 2 armies during the battle!

Game 1
RicharCG  VS Martinaxo

Game 2
Neoserbian VS Martinaxo

Game 3
Legend-007 VS Martinaxo

Game 4
roadrunner18 VS Martinaxo

Game 5
epfc1994 VS Martinaxo

Game 6
Mon_Frero VS Martinaxo

Game 7
Silvenysun VS Martinaxo

Game 8
Sarvesh_2111 VS Martinaxo

Game 9
rainbowunicornchess VS Martinaxo

Game 10
Beyazowl VS Martinaxo

All games are different in the opening, have fun!


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Four Player Chess

¡Que Increíble! 160 casillas y 64 piezas de ajedrez en un tablero, lleno de Emoción, Pasión y Sentimiento, un Game Altamente Psicológico, debes conocerlo en toda su dimensión espacial es genial...

Inicie siendo un típico y novato 1500, hasta convertirme en un Player de Good Level. Se han seleccionado Las Mejores Batallas mas Épicas; te invito a conocer, como subí mas de 700 puntos ELO en los últimos 6 meses V/S Players realmente difíciles, de gran juego Táctico.

"Estamos Listos para Vencer a Los Dioses" 

Títulos y Performance:

🏆Champions⚔️ New Standard Elite  1|7FFA💎  | año 2022
🏆Champions⚔️ BY Setup  1|7FFA💎  | año 2023
tournaments Top Player FFA Rapid | ELO 2700 | año 2023
tournaments Top Player Chaturaji Rapid | ELO 2400 Blitz | año 2023
🏆Champions⚔️ Chaturaji League  5|7FFA💎  | año 2023

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Four Player Chess & Variants:

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Club Chaturdrez:

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