🪓Variants Games ⛵🐪 | 🏆 🐘 Tournaments 2024 ⚔️ | Prize 💎👑⭐

🪓Variants Games ⛵🐪 | 🏆 🐘 Tournaments 2024 ⚔️ | Prize 💎👑⭐

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The new Variants Games season begins, it is an award-winning competition, for this year 2024. We want to welcome all the new members of the club, with an excellent Tournament, with many membership awards 💎👑⭐. There are many chances to win, you just have to be an active player and you will have a better chance of success.



Tournaments                                                                                                           INDEX

Everyone is welcome to this new competition at Variants Games. In simple words, they are 8-week tournaments, where players will have only 1 Arena per week of each variant and only players who can compete during an established official calendar can participate, having to register on discord where they can see the calendar weekly.

4PC: Chaturaji & Chaturdrez
2PC: Ashtandrez & Chaturanga

Our main objective is for new players to join in this competition, so invite your friends to participate. We also hope that new Streamers arrive and can provide coverage to these tournaments.

If you are interested, do not hesitate to sign up. Please complete the official application form below if you wish to participate in this edition of Variants Games Tournaments:

Google Form:

There are also some queries such as the schedule, time control, the variant in which you want to compete, etc. These are data that will help us make a better decision, while we add players to the competition.

Format                                                                                                                         INDEX

Duration Season: 2 months
Battles: 2 hour long Arenas 
Mode: Anonymous | Rated 
Time Control: Blitz 


- Chaturanga | Elephant Power | 5 min  | Saturday 06 April 2024 | 14:00 UTC
- Chaturdrez | Camel Skill |  FFA | 1|5     |  Saturday 06 April 2024 | 18:00 UTC


- Ashtandrez | Battle Regicide | 5 min   | Sunday 07 April 2024 | 14:00 UTC 
- Chaturaji | Raji Arenas | SOLO  | 1|5    |  Sunday 07 April 2024 | 17:00 UTC


Tentative date Week 1: We want to start in April, Those interested, please respond to the Google form as soon as possible.

Parameters: Requirements, Restrictions and Solutions                                           INDEX

All players interested in participating in the Variants Games must be aware of the following requirements and guidelines:

- Everyone can participate in these tournaments, but the prizes will be awarded only to registered players respectively, you just need to fill out the Google Form responses.

- Players must be part of the Discord server to maintain effective communication and stay informed about the competition.

- All players must confirm their participation by saying "I'm ready to compete" in discord.

- If there is a disconnection due to server problems, everything will be at the discretion of the organizer or referee.

- Players can participate in all tournaments. If you are a winner in more than 1 tournament, you will be rewarded for the total prizes obtained.


What are Arena Tournament?
Arena Tournament are fast paced, action filled events where you try to earn as many points as you can in a certain amount of time. There are no rounds in an Arena League. Players are paired nonstop after their games until the timer runs out.

How do points work?
You earn points by winning! A win is worth 2 points, a draw is worth 1 point, and a loss is worth 0.

TEAM/SOLO/2PC: Win= 2pts, Draw= 1pt, Loss= 0pt
FFA: 1st= 3pts, 2nd=1pts, 3rd= 1pt, 4th= 0pt

Win streak multiplier:
TEAM/2PC: 2win in a row= x 1.5 | 3rd or more= x2
SOLO/FFA 2win in a row or more= x2

Tournament performance rating based on win ratio and strength of average opponent played against.

What are win streaks?
If you win multiple games in a row, the value of each successive win increases!, expressed in the previous paragraph.

How do pairings work?
You'll be paired with people as close to your rating as possible while still giving you games as quickly as possible. Start your games as quick as you can to get the most wins, and most points possible!

How are winners determined? 
The Arena winners are determined by who has the most points when time runs out! The amount of time an Arena lasts depends on the time setting of the games. If there is a tie, then the victory will go to the player with the longest streak. If it is still a tie, then it the winner will be the one with the most wins. If that is still a tie, then the player with the fewest losses will win.

Note: Rules are subject to change. New rules and modifications may arise in the future.

Prizes 🏆                                                                                                                             INDEX

Memberships: 💎👑⭐ 

We will provide gold, platinum and diamond memberships to the winners, and each completed tournament will be awarded independently.

- Winner of the 1st Place, you will get a Diamond membership.
- Winner of the 2nd Place , you will get a Platinum membership.
- Winner of the 3rd Place , you will get a Gold membership.
- Winner of the 4th Place , you will get a Gold membership.

Note: If you are a winner in more than 1 tournament, you will be rewarded for the total prizes obtained.

🏆 🥳 

Organizers                                                                                                                         INDEX

Coordinator: @martinaxo

Server Discord: Mjölnir 

Just send me a message on discord and I'll sign you up for the Variants Games!

Schedule                                                                                                                           INDEX

Players need to be online, connected in the lobby of the main platform.

You must initially select the 4pc or 2pc icon as the case may be, and then click on Arenas. There you can easily see the schedule according to your local time.

Anyway all programming will be available on Discord.

Results                                                                                                                          INDEX

Every week we will update the results and these will be published on discord, only the final result of the competition will be published here.

🏆 Champions!

We wish all participants much success, if you have questions or queries, you can write to me on discord.

🪓See you in the next battle! 


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Four Player Chess

¡Que Increíble! 160 casillas y 64 piezas de ajedrez en un tablero, lleno de Emoción, Pasión y Sentimiento, un Game Altamente Psicológico, debes conocerlo en toda su dimensión espacial es genial...

Inicie siendo un típico y novato 1500, hasta convertirme en un Player de Good Level. Se han seleccionado Las Mejores Batallas mas Épicas; te invito a conocer, como subí mas de 700 puntos ELO en los últimos 6 meses V/S Players realmente difíciles, de gran juego Táctico.

"Estamos Listos para Vencer a Los Dioses" 

Títulos y Performance:

🏆Champions⚔️ New Standard Elite  1|7FFA💎  | año 2022
🏆Champions⚔️ BY Setup  1|7FFA💎  | año 2023
tournaments Top Player FFA Rapid | ELO 2700 | año 2023
tournaments Top Player Chaturaji Rapid | ELO 2400 Blitz | año 2023
🏆Champions⚔️ Chaturaji League  5|7FFA💎  | año 2023

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Four Player Chess & Variants:

@martinaxo :4PCAdmin:

Club Mjölnir:
Club Chaturdrez:

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