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To use or not to use, LEGAL software?

To use or not to use, LEGAL software?

Jul 8, 2015, 1:07 AM 0

I'm curious if other players that are close to getting pretty good are trying to decide if they should download Stockfish or other engines? I've improved 300-400 rating points from when I became serious about chess several years ago by going through tons of GM games. Also some really nice NMs/IMs & very strong players willing to play me.

However, most 1600-1700 blitz players don't play top lines so positional chess becomes all important.

I know all strong players use it for legal analysis but I sort of feel like once I download it it's like the Matrix "taking the red pill" - There is no going back. I guess this is a good thing? I can only imagine how many little positional problems my brain does not compute correctly will be solved.

Makes me think of the masters of old that were going through top level stuff with a book and a pen. I guess those days are over?

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