A personal preference opening for Positional Players: Barnes Opening, Hammerschlag Variation.

Jan 3, 2010, 8:10 PM |

First of all, I will say that some of you may find this thrash, some may find this like a failed joke, while others will actually benefit from this. I'll say that much: This is a PERSONAL  thought of an Opening. I find it actually pretty good, for others it WILL be thrash. 

Ok, now first off, I'll tell you guys what the opening actually is:


The main Idea of this opening is to either 1. Gain fast development while the opponent is trying to Check-Mate you, which is very hard, and thus he will be constantly loosing tempo, or 2. Build up a very solid center, and at some point crack it up with a pawn push. 
Well, moving on, the opponent will either play Qh4+, in which case you want to play g3, or he will play d5, in which case you would like to play e3. 
That will be the two Variation we will Focus on.
If your opponent plays Qh4+, he will likely retreat the Queen to f6, or play Bc4+, in which case you play e3. While if he plays d5,you will start developing. You have 3 choices: Bb5+, Ne2 or Nc3. I would prefer to either play Nc3 or Bb5+, as you would like to close the center as quickly as possible if he plays c6, or trade of the Bishop if he plays Nc6, as bishopsWILL BECOME USELESS.
If he plays c6, you want to play Ba4, and if b5, Bb3, eventually playing a3 and Ba2. The point of Bb5+ would be to remove the Bishop from behind the knight, as one of your goals would be to play Ne2 and d5 at some point.
Well, after going deep in some variations, I would like to end this blog, as I'm short on time. To speak a tiny bit more about the end-opening and begin-midgame, I would say that in most cases, knight maneuvering becomes one of the most Important things, as the position mostly gets closed or semi-closed, and that choosing the right moment to break up the Center is very important. If you choose the wrong moment, you will get crushed immediately. You may also want to play Re1 and Kg1 as an "artificial castle". 
So that is the end, and I would say that enjoy your games, keep winning, and I hope you liked this blog! Goodbye! (This is my first blog!)
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