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Against computer - knight in endgame

Dec 21, 2010, 2:08 PM 0

I decided that I would regularly play against my computer to improve myself. I played one game last night and it was not nearly as frustrating as it used to be. I didn't blunder in the opening for instance. I had had a very strong position, but then I was too brave with the queen, it got chased around, then I had to exchange it and it cost me a knight. This led to my losing the game eventually. But I learned how dangerous a sole knight can be on the board. Towards the endgame when there isn't much material left and the knight can hop wherever he wants, there are a lot of opportunities for forking. I had only one rook left, the computer had that grasshopper and a rook. I decided to take back some of the moves, but the fork kept coming back again and again, some forced. Pretty annoying, but it tought me the lesson.

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