A day in your life-in the year2020

Sep 14, 2011, 6:05 AM |

People used to know more or less how their children would live.now things are changing so quickly that we don’t even know what our own lives will be like in a few years.what follows is how experts see the future.

You are day dreaming behind the wheel of your car, but that’s OK.

You have it on automatic pilot,and with its high-tech computers,you car knows how to get you home safely.

You head for the kitchen when you get home.you orderd groceries by computer an hour ago,and they’ve been delivered.

You paid for theme before they arrived.

The money was automatically deducted from your bank account.nobody uses cash anymore.

What’s for lunch?in the old days,you used to stop off to get a hamburger or pizza.now you use your diagnostic machine to find out which foods your body needs.your food – preparation machine makes you a salad.

After lunch,you go down the hall to your home office.here you have everything you need to do your work.you never have to commute to work anymore.

Your information screen says that you’ve received a message from a co-work in brazil.

You set your computer to translate Portuguese into English.

Your co – workers face appears on the screen,and the translation appears at the bottom.

You finish working and go back to your livingroom.

You turn on the television and look through the list of new movies

Its like having a video store in your home.

How about a classic tonight?Maybe back to the future?