Lexington Open 2011 - Day 1

Aug 6, 2011, 8:04 PM |

I am competing in the 2011 Lexington Open and today was the first of two days with three rounds.  Tomorrow will be the final two rounds.  I am in the under 1500 section and after three rounds I have scored three points.  Here are my first three games with some analysis.

  Round 2 I had the black pieces against a player that I have faced in my club.  He is pretty strong and I was very nervous to face him with the black pieces.  I knew that he was well versed in openings and that it would be a tough battle.  I was not wrong.

After two rounds of G/90 I was pretty tired and was up against the highest rated player in the section, a 1438 who I was told had a tendency to "go to the wire" on the time control.  I knew I was in for a grueling match.  I had the white pieces and got to play the smith-morra gambit.  The last time I used the opening against a 1400 player was the bluegrass state games tournament and I lost so I was determined to redeem myself.  I was still dwelling on the last tournament loss in which I had a winning position after the smith-morra opening.
So I have 3 points after 3 rounds and 2 rounds to play tomorrow.  Hopefully I can win the section!