Wasted moves

Jan 13, 2008, 3:57 PM |

Here is my latest loss. I play as Black trying hypermodern style, that is, allowing White to occupy the center with his pawns and attacking with pieces from the sides. Unfortunately, this attempt leaves me in a cramped position which I manage to break out of enough to put myself in a disconnected position.


My first mistake, is 5… c6. although it opens up the Queen, It does little else. Possibly better would have been 5… b6 to prepare for a Queenside fianchetto.


On move 8 I put my bishop in a bad position instead of falling back to g7 or e7 right away.


By move 15 we are even in material, but White has the space and position advantage. Instead of moving out to check the White king on move 15, I could have offered to trade off Queens with 15… Qe7


Wasted moves can indeed lose games


Any and all comments are welcome