My notable games

My notable games

Nov 19, 2017, 3:43 PM |

  1. Knight + bishop + pawn + king checkmate
  2. Don't take your opponent's pieces without checking if they have a cheapo. #cheapo
  3. Grab the space! #sacrifice #centre #space

  1.  This game I was losing badly, but my opponent was careless about his king.

  2.  Wild game where I dominated and I eventually managed to win on time.

  3.  My opponent made a simple blunder, then resigned.

  1.  Slow checkmate at the end.

  1.  I was quite proud of this game although it is far from perfect.

  2. I was almost mated, but opp blundered his queen.


     Another satisfying end to an imperfect game.




     Strange checkmate! Looks like I was completely losing, but... maybe not.

     I think my opp just resigned from disappointment.

     Kings feel insecure when surrounded by empty space.

    Somewhat back-and-forth game.


    Some elementary tactics to win.