Jun 7, 2008, 2:50 AM |
After a couple of disastrous games, my game with Elguabo was a big improvement. First of all, I remembered to develop a few pieces before charging in. I think broadly speaking I kept my cool. In the first few games I ran before I could stand, let alone walk.
I think my first mistake was to fight pawn with pawn, when I could have used a knight to do the job and maintain pressure on my opponent. Moving the pawn opened a gap which I then needed to defend with more useful pieces and in the end that weak area led to my demise. On a positive note I was planning ahead and had I opened my game more competently I think I would have had a real chance.
I would prefer not to play live games until I am fully back in the swing of Chess, mostly because I find the time limitations distracting. But then again it is much easier to meet people to play on-line.  I look forward to playing Elguabo again.