Arimaa World League Round 3 update; beauty in the eye of the beholder in Mob vs. Gang

Sep 7, 2011, 1:01 AM |

In my last post I waxed eloquent in anticipation of the inaugural games of the 2011 Arimaa World League. Indeed we were not disappointed. VinceS was declared Player of the Round for a sterling performance regardless of the end result.

His team, Europa, were defeated 2-1 by the Atlantics, and meanwhile the Rockies suffered an unfortunate drubbing at the hands of two-time champions the Ring of Fire, blazing a trail yet again.

The Round 2 matches were none so dramatic, with the losing teams from Round 1 managing to recoup some of their losses. The Ring of Fire are still in front with 8 points, a whole win ahead of Europa and the Atlantics in joint second place with 6 points, and the Rockies respectably bringing up the rear with 4 points.

This round the Rockies will try their luck against Europa, while hopefuls Atlantics will see if they can't knock the Ringers off their perch. Click here for all the pairings and here to check the gameroom for the game times.

Meanwhile over in the TheMob vs. TheGang match the position is rolling on, with the Mob mobilizing over on the east wing and the Gang still mulling their response. Mob heavyweight Fritzlein believes that his team's position is an example of "Arimaa beauty", while the position of the Mob is an example of "Arimaa ugliness." Click here for the debate, which is interesting as it is a reflecion on the nature of Arimaa in general.