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Getting Into the Arimaa Zone

Getting Into the Arimaa Zone

Sep 12, 2010, 3:45 PM 1

Some might think of Arimaa as a chess variant. The next chess. Chess reborn. Chess reloaded.  
But Arimaa is so much more than that. But why? The answer is strangely elusive. There are so many different perspectives and opinions - but most of these seem to have something in common. That something could be called "the Arimaa zone."
So what is the Arimaa zone?
Some might say it feels like jumping into an unending ocean, looking down and being gripped by the vertigo of deep blue infinity... And yet it's not an equation to be solved by brainpower alone - it's organic, human. It's a wide world, but within your grasp.
Some might say it feels like the adrenaline of commanding a vast army. The rush of comprending in one moment the whole with all its parts, shifting and undulating, ebbing and flowing in majestic symphony...
Because a game of Arimaa isn't a game of thrusts and parries, flashes and bangs. It's a game of life. Complex, and yet elegantly simple. Intricate, yet reassuringly intuitive. It's an epic struggle, a story of many twists and turns, where each move writes a new line in the saga, turns a new page in your unfolding destiny.
Arimaa really is a new universe on 64 squares.

Join us at arimaa.com, and discover your "Arimaa Zone".

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