Chess book - Chapter outline

May 7, 2008, 7:24 AM |

For those of you who have not yet heard, I am writing a book. It is coming along nicely (I think), and I have written up an outline of my chapters. I look forward to comments and notes on things that I am sure that I missed.


Chapter 1: Introduction – written

Chapter 2: The history of chess – First part will be about pre-tournament chess written, the rest will include a brief history of who was who when, with biographic profiles for some famous players, Capablanca, Fisher, Kasparov, Polgár sisters (Zsusza, Zsofia, and Judit), perhaps one more?

Chapter 3: My history with chess – learning from dad, getting into and out of it, finally determining that I wanted to be good.

Chapter 4: Chess pieces and moves, including special moves, and a brief page explaining numbers of squares, and notation

Chapter 5: Basic tactics – pin, fork, skewer, discovered attack, anything else?

Chapter 6: Some tactical puzzles

Chapter 7: The importance of development – will include demonstration games

Chapter 8: Annotated games – some famous ones, like the Immortal game, etc., some I play myself (already have a rough analysis of one posted), and if I need to demonstrate a point, I will look up games with that opening/ending, etc.


Should I put anything in about opening sequences and/or endgames such as rook + king vs king, etc.?