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Entered a Tournament

Entered a Tournament

Oct 2, 2013, 9:46 PM 1

Entered a tournament in Cebu City, Philippines. Live. 9 Rounds over the board,  Game in 25 with a 5 second increment.  

Got paired with some very strong and very weak players in the first 4 rounds. Scored 2 and 2, with victories over a 6 year old boy and an 8 year old girl. Losses to Ganzon (2nd seed) and another whose name I forgot. I did have an interesting game against the 6th seed, Carlos Moreno. In keeping with my strategy of mixing it up, I sacked a bishop on h7 to expose his King and harass him into submission. 

Now, sometimes when the position becomes very unclear I'm thinking, 'great, I've created a position which defies resolution under these time controls, I sure hope he can't resolve it, either.' And he might be thinking, 'What the heck is going on?'  In that case, he eats up his clock. Well, I ate up my clock too and  had a lost position. But, I had 12 seconds left in this lost position when his clock expired. So I got the point.


I scored 5.5 in the first 8, got paired with the other contending senior (74 year old Miguel Banibane) and won that game with the Black side of a Nimzo-Indian. Top Senior ! Then I learned I had a share of another prize (top 10?) and received a total of 760 pesos. 

This is  8 year old Jasia, winner of the kiddies prize and my 3rd round opponent. 

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