Bishops opening/Philidor Variation -Blindfolded

Dec 29, 2009, 1:43 PM |

Bishops opening/Phildor Variation.

I have just finished a game and made an error on move 3 or so i thought.

I moved the piece but did not hit the submit button but the move was made automatically even though i have my settings set to hit submit mode.

Anyway at first i was fairly upset at this as it was something I was not really considering and at first glance it did not look great as my intention was to castle fairly early and it was a competition match.

But as i am only learning the game i thought to myself carry on with it something had motivated me to put it(-pawnc3/move3) their anyway even if i was only looking at it.

So rather than blow a fuse at the damn computer and the site for entering a move i did not submit i decided to search the data base to see if the move existed  and low and behold it was actually a fairly well known opening named after a famous name in Chess.  (Bishops opening/Philidor Variation)

So i have managed to find what i am sure was a famous game in its day and still is. The game is between Morphy Paul vs Cunninghamm(Must be Irish or of decent) and it was held in London in 1859.

Its just coincidence that another GM(jullio Beccara) wrote an article today  on this site about whom the opening is named after.

Anyway here is the game its from 1859 and its a blindfolded game Morphy obviously playing blind against a number of players i gather.

I dont know to much about thye history of Chess and less about famous players but I gather Morphy was well respected in his day just from snipits i have picked up from reading the articles and comments on the site

Ps i will try post my game up a little later since its much more interesting.Innocent