Chess should move into the 21st century

Dec 27, 2009, 4:05 PM |

I am new to chess i bought a board when i was 18 and had always a facination with the game and its pieces, i don't know why as there is no history of chess in my family no one i know plays it but for some reason i was always intriqued with the board the pieces and the game.

I played a few games in my late teens and early twenties but never really understood the game and certaintly did not realise there was so many moves, openings theories, etc. etc.

I suppose the one thing that has shocked me since joining this site a year ago is the fact there are so many GMs as i always had a belief that there was only one or two GMS a generation.

That said and the fact there are many GMS around the world I was even more amazed to find out there is a distinction between male and female GMS.

I AM NOT ONE FOR POLITICAL CORRECTNESS by anymeans ,indeed i still think it appropriate to call male actors actors and female actors actresses as that is what both are.

But i am some what astonished to find out that a female GM IS NOT A GM at all but a WGM

I AM NOT SURE OF THE CRITERIA NEEDED TO BECOME A GM but i am sure it has nothing to do with what sex you are and more to do with your rating and tournament wins.

So why distinguish between the two,and if this is necessary then maybe male Grand Masters should be MGMs, female Grand Masters WGMs