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Mar 16, 2011, 12:58 PM 2

I have just beat the chess.com computer at the hardest level using the sicillian. 1e4...c5 so go on we all know its blacks best response.

I did not get a chance to play the dragon and do not know if this is a slightly new variation as the computer made a few unexpected moves in the opening and black probably made a few unconvential moves alsoqxbe7(nxbe7)  h7 na2sacrifice

The dragon is probably the more complex variation of the dragon anyway and probably more for GMs as there can be some quick exchanges but i still believe there is a lot of study left that black can use to almost guarantee atleast a draw in all variations of the sicillian.

Here is my game and if there are any GMs around who could analyse this game from both whites choices and blacks response that would be super.


Well an Irish Victory always goes down well on the eve of St Patricks Day and using an old Italian defense i suppose fits as the Irish and the Italians have a close affinity. I have posted the diagram in the traditional chess.com blue and the more clasical pieces for those who prefer

Ps best of luck to everyone backing Horses in cheltenham

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