The 1957 Dragon

Aug 4, 2010, 6:25 PM |

Here is a game from 1957 it involves  Ivkov Borislav 2428 and   Alster Ladislav (CZE)2250. I did a bit of checking on wikipedia and Ivkov Borislav is obviously well known among Chess GMs. Could not find to much info on his opponent but maybe someone will remember this match.

According to wiki Ivkov was world junior chess champ in 1951 and had quite a successful career on the GM circuit winning numerous tournaments and is actually still playing.

I happened upon this game when doing some research into the Dragon on whats blacks best moves in the opening, this game shows probably a perfect example of how to play the dragon but the big question is did black agree a draw against a former junior chess Champion prematurely .

Anyway here is the game and in my opinion blacks best defence to e4