Oct 11, 2011, 10:53 AM |

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed how some players getextra seconds in live chess i just playeda game where my opponent was taking longerthan me for each move but his clock stuck on 16 seconds where as mine went from 18 down to 5 in the same moves, i have noticed this severaltimes and especially when someones clock is at nought and suddenly he has an extra second added back to nought and another extra second added its really unbelieveable and it seems mostly when i am playing against someone in the states.

Please no one explain about time lag and all that crap its the same for everyone bottom line is everyones clock should be tha same and no one should get time added especially in one minute bullet whereadding on extra seconds is just like telling someone no matterwhat you do you are not allowed to win can chess .com sort this out.

Also i used to enjoy this site it was member friendly and from time to time i would pay up for diamond membership but recently again in live chess the advertising is so in your face it justhas lefta sour taste in my mouth and am considering never paying membership again in protest, can chess.com not leave the adverts to the side as in turnbased chess insteadof ruining peoples enjoyment of the site and turning them away unto otherless invasive more enjoyable sites

There are many great features about the site so why ruin it

On a lighter note here s a game that i took part in yesterday 10 min blitz and after a multitude of sacs and gambles on bothsides my opponent eventually resigned probably behind on time with no real chance of getting a counterattack going.

The funny thing about this game is that my whole plan from the start was to attack the f7 square and stop him castling i managed to stop him castling but the f7 squarebecame irrelavant his unusual king move was probably to stop the knight forking his king and rook buthe probably did not bank on my sacingthe other knight to get at his bishop.

Its a graet game with lotshappening on bothsides i must admit i was so focused on his king i did notsee the dangerof his queen