Still Coming Along Nicely...

Feb 20, 2010, 6:07 AM |

I am still able to pull off a win here and there.  I remain a beginner but as I love chess I take the beat downs with a smile.


The coolest aspect of my chess life is playing with my 8 year old son Zack.  He was a complete newbie when I started teaching him how the pieces work and he certainly could have done better as far as coach is concerned but he knows how the pieces move, is developing a good sense of vision as far as the boar is concerned, doesn't hang may pieces (likes to keep his hand on the piece until he's sure it's safe), and overall loves the game.  It's great time for him and I away from the craziness that is our house as we have two other kids.  Kitty, who is 3ish is fascinated by the game but is only an observer right now and Amanda our 10 year old is busy with her Ojibwe language studies and quiz bowl prep.  I do want to sell her on the game soon as she does like it and could be a good one too.


Anyways, after Zack and I have a hearty breakfast with Flannel Jerry, an old dude I play poker with, it's off to Cosmic's, a coffee shop in St. Paul where he and I will set up his tournament set and our back-up set.  He and I will play and the other set will be there if any old body just wants to sit down and have a game.


Life is so rad...