Tourney Time and Life

Mar 7, 2010, 9:31 AM |

Currently began play in a couple of turn by turn tourneys, one very geared towards my rating and one where most opponents are going to be in just a little bit higher income bracket.  I'm looking forward to them both.  As a Gold premium member I can only TD a tourney for 12 players so I do have one for newbies (lower ratings) in the queue waiting for enrollees.  If your rating is low check it out.

Life, as always, is good and again, as always, I'm looking for ways to enjoy it to its fullest.  Not things though like material goods or wine and food but things more along the lines of making the right decision (off the chess board) and ensuring that my priorities are in line.

Life is a challenge and it's relatively short so play hard people but make sure that when the game is ultimately over that you honored yourself, your opponents and your supporters.

That is all.  Good luck.