Rhinoplasty Surgery in Kuwait - Basic Understanding

Jul 19, 2016, 1:48 AM |

Rhinoplasty surgery is a corrective operation meant to mend a broken nose or malformed nasal structure. The surgery is performed by an expert in the field of plastic surgery who has got years of experience in nose job.

The surgery is performed for mainly two reasons.

1. Health Reasons – These are the issues related to health where the patient is unable to breathe properly due to some congenital defects in the growth of nasal structure or due to some infection which has grown internally.

2. Cosmetic Reasons – These are the issues where the patient wants to correct the shape and size of the nose to look better and correct any issues which are making the nose look odd and not fitting to the overall contour of the face.

There are also surgeries performed on people who have had accident and have caused wounds to the nose.

The doctor usually does a proper checkup before deciding on whether to do the surgery or not. The medical history of the patient is thoroughly examined to determine whether the patient is fit enough physically as well as mentally to go through the surgery. When the surgeon is satisfied with his examination he will then start the pre-operative procedures.

Most people are worried about financing the surgery and the post-operative expenses. The insurance companies’ policies vary from country to country. The patient has to make sure that his health policy covers the cost of the surgery. Usually, if the surgery is done for health reasons the patient gets coverage. But, he has to discuss with his insurance advisor whether the claim can be settled fully or partially.

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Cosmetic surgeries are generally not covered under insurance policies. Therefore, if you have financial constraints you better give it a second thought before opting for a Rhinoplasty surgery.

During the surgery, the patient is given either a general or local anesthesia to make him unconscious. Once the patient is unconscious the surgeon starts making the incisions along the columella to access the internal structure of the nose.

The surgeon then operates on the cartilages to bring about the proper structure and shape that has been desired by the patient. This is a very delicate process and as such the surgeon has to make use of grafts from either the nose or in some cases ear and ribs.

Once the procedure is completed the skin is brought back to the original place and is stitched with medical stitches. Splints are also placed on the internal side and on top of the nose to support the newly created shape of the nose.

There can be bleeding for a few days after the surgery and as such the patient has to keep a soaking cloth or cotton beneath the nostrils to clean the blood.

The overall healing may take up to one year depending on the healing capacity of the body. The nose starts taking shape gradually and will become permanent after a few months. During these months the patient is advised not to engage in any strenuous activities.

The patient has to visit the clinic for post-operative checkups to see if the healing is occurring in order and the new shape of the nose is setting in. Once the doctor finds that everything is according to the plan he will stop the medication.

With the recent developments in the medical technologies Rhinoplasty surgery has become one of the common surgeries being performed around the world. Kuwait boasts of some of the best Rhinoplasty surgeons who have got decades of hands-on experience in the field of cosmetic surgery.

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