Trapping White Queen on h5

Aug 29, 2016, 2:41 PM |

Many blitz matches begin by this move where white will take out its queen all the way to h5 square threatening to checkmate in 3 moves.

The usual response by black to scare away the queen is g6. This is a big mistake.

The white queen then captures the e5 pawn with a check. Now, regardless of whichever piece you use to block the check, queen will capture the rook easily.


Alternative and a better move to trap the white queen is d6. This supports the e5 pawn and also opens up the diagonal for bishop which will be used to trap the queen.

This position will trap the queen and make it hard for your opponent to plan an escape route.

Most often I have found that my opponent wastes lot of time at this point. Some will simply sacrifice their queen by either capturing the knight or the bishop.

Experienced players will find the best move to be Queen to g5 attacking the black queen. White can atleast have an exchange here. Any other move will make white lose its queen without equal compensation.

The counter-attack move - bishop to e7 would again be a mistake as it would leave the g7 pawn vulnerable.

This move will also keep the threat of checkmate looming over black king in the coming moves.

Most baffled players will take drastic steps to save their queen by placing a check with bishop. Instead of capturing this with the knight on h6 simply move your king to d7 square.

You want black queen's diagonal to be free.

Losing your castling power here will compensate more than its worth in the coming moves.

I have also found that this move will make the white bishop to check the king again on e6. White hopes that you will capture its bishop with your bishop on g4 and freeing up the space for queen's escape. Instead capture it with your king.

If you are playing a 5 minutes blitz, in all these transactions you will be ahead in time and your opponent will probably lose on time in the middle game.

Have fun trapping the White Queen Wink