Acting on a Feeling

Aug 21, 2011, 11:05 PM |

It has been some time, but I am back on playing games.  I wasn't going to post anything until I had a topic that I thought was interesting and could be debated on some degree. 

I was in the middle of some team matches and sought to get another match to help get some of the rust off me.  So, I did a search and was paired off with a player named mcoleman5.  This game started on 24 July.  I had the white pieces.

This game was interesting to me because of the psychology element within chess was pivotal in this game.  If it wasn't for my intuition telling me to make a certain move, i could have lost this game.  I believe that I benefited from the hunch I felt about my opponent's need to be equal in material.  Believing in that hunch and then acting on that belief and then having that thought come to fruition is a really cool experience.
Maybe next time, it won't take more than two years to add another topic.
Until next time, as always -  Best Wishes!!