My First Test

May 26, 2008, 8:10 PM |

I have been playing chess for about four months now.  After some rough patches, I believe that I have made some considerable improvements.  However, I still thought that something else was needed for my game to improve.  After contemplating several factors, I finally decided to try my game with another person. 

To my benefit, paired me with a greeter that used the tag name Elvoy to be my first game on this site.  At first, I had to admit that when I saw Elvoy's rating was over 1500, I was a little intimidated.  But I realized that I will only get better by playing stronger players.  After shaking off my fear, I started my first game.  This game took place from 5 May to 24 May 2008. 

I was playing with the white pieces.















Even though I had a material advantage I could not capitalize on it.  Elvoy was a great host and showed me things that you will only see by playing higher ranked players.  Kudos to Elvoy for playing the best moves!

I feel that I played better but there is still room for improvement. 

If you have comments about this game - please post.

 Until next time -- Best Wishes!!