10 Chess Puzzles Explained about Pawn Endgames (+ Video)
King and Pawns

10 Chess Puzzles Explained about Pawn Endgames (+ Video)


Hey guys! Almost any endgame can be simplified and turned into a pawn endgame (actually that’s exactly what happens in some of the examples we’ll analyze), that’s why you will have a huge advantage if you study this theme.  Today we're going to solve pawn endgames in Tactics Trainer, and I will be explaining the solution and highlighting instructive concepts we can see as we solve the puzzles.

I strongly recommend you to pause the video and think at least for some seconds on every new puzzle. Maybe you can find the solution, and even if you don’t, when you see the explanation later, everything will make much more sense to you.


Video solving and explaining 10 Instructive Puzzles about Pawn Endgames

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Carlsen vs Firouzja in Tata Steel 2021, Round 1

I saw this game and I thought it was really interesting and found some good and instructive stuff on it to analyze and learn a little from these masters. That’s why I uploaded a video about it, trying to understand some specific (and exciting) moments of this game (like the four sacrifices Magnus did).


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