10 Steps to Become A GOOD Chess Player (+ Video)
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10 Steps to Become A GOOD Chess Player (+ Video)


Hey guys!  

I made a list of 10 Steps to improve in Chess and become a good Player. I did it thinking of beginners, so, I guess it’s going to be good for them, but I’m sure players a little more advanced can also find interesting stuff here.

This approach of Steps to Improve doesn’t mean that you can stop doing the previous step when you go to the next (they are not independent steps). In general the idea is that you can add the new activity or step once you understand and get skills with the former one.  


10 Steps to Become A GOOD Chess Player



1 - Understand the Rules of the Game

2 - Use the 20/40/40 Approach

3 - Solve hundreds of Puzzles

4 - Play hundreds of Games

5- Think of what is your opponent going to play

6 - Analyze and enjoy Masters Games

7 - Analyze the Games you play (especially the ones with longer Time Controls)

8 - Understand that Losing is actually Winning

9 - Learn to think of Candidate Moves

10 - Understand Chess Strategy and Positional Play


These positions are taken from examples in the video, they should be good for training.

In all the Puzzles you need to find the Best Move (observe that not necessarily it is a Tactic Move)


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