5 Tips to Play Better in Chess Openings (+ Video)

5 Tips to Play Better in Chess Openings (+ Video)

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In the Opening, we have the 3 Basic Principles, and also some other rules we should follow. These principles and rules are everywhere, and of course, they are very important. However, there are other tips or rules (sometimes tips not even written in books, but learned through experience), which should help improve your level in Chess Openings. And that’s what this Post/Video is about.


3 Tips to Play Better in Chess Openings



  • Keep in mind that 3 tempi ahead compensate one Pawn down:

In general, that’s a good way to evaluate a Pawn Sac in the Opening.


  • Get ready to Break the Rules:

In some Opening positions, the best move will not agree with the Principles. So we must keep our vision with an open horizon and remember that in our games.


  • Develop with tempo if possible:

Developing is good, but if you can develop and at the same time get a tempo, it makes a huge difference in the Opening.


  • Don't trade if it helps your opponent develop or improve his position:

Some trades are clearly bad, but some others are bad, and yet not so clear J.


  • Hinder your opponent from developing:

If you can develop and at the same time be prophylactic about your opponent’s development, you might get a decisive advantage.


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