A Deflection Puzzle you won’t forget (+ Video)
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A Deflection Puzzle you won’t forget (+ Video)

FM michechess89

Hey Caissa’s friends. There is a famous combination; it is the greatest Deflection Puzzle I remember. Today I want to share and analyze with you that puzzle. Before we start, I have some small news, would like to share some thoughts.

I have been working more or less frequently with Tactics in Chess.com and took my rating back to 29 (2930 in the moment I am writing this). I want to work hard to get 3000 soon (hopefully this week ). Also I wanted to say that I like one of the new features in Puzzle Rush: Survival, my best has been a 53. I want to keep working with this as well.

And just this week, after a long time in 40, I could take my highest score in Classic Puzzle Rush (5 mins) to 41. I am happy with this, although not completely satisfied.


Deflection: A fantastic example


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** (Right click in the question mark (?) to see the solution)


If you would like to see more Deflection examples with explanations check this post I wrote some weeks ago.  Also in Chess.com Tactics Learning Mode you can practice any Tactical Theme you want like Deflection, selecting it in the right side panel.



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