A Quick Look at Reti's Maneuver (+ Video)

A Quick Look at Reti's Maneuver (+ Video)

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Hey chess people. Some hours late this week, but here we are. This time we are talking about a very nice thematic in pawns endgames: Reti’s Maneuver. There are some very interesting Artistic Endgames using this idea. Today we are going to analyze one of them.

Also we need to mention that Radjabov finally beat Liren in the World Cup. He was not my favorite in this final stage, but he did a great job, going through some really difficult moments during the match and defeating one of the strongest players in the world right now.



Video with analysis and explanations


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                                            Anyone to play?

I went to the beach this weekend and wanted to share this picture from my travel. 



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