A short and fantastic miniature by Fischer (+ Video)
Old man analyzing a fantastic game

A short and fantastic miniature by Fischer (+ Video)

FM michechess89

Hi everyone. There is nothing new I can say about Fischer, he was a chess legend, and everyone knows that. But we do can analyze one of his games and learn together from his mastery. Today we are going to see a miniature: Fischer vs Reshevsky, 1959. There is one, or maybe 2 small mistakes by Reshevsky, but against Fischer you need to play perfect, and if you are lucky, you will get a draw . Enjoy the game and the final combination!

 Analysis of the game Fischer vs Reshevsky, 1959


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About me, I want to play some tournament in next months (probably August). I had some personal situations in last weeks and haven’t been training too much, but this week I’m coming back to hard work. Great goals demand great sacrifices.  


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*** Actually, I found out that there is some uncertainty about the exact moment where Reshevsky resigned. In the source I got the game it was move 11, but it seems like he did played the game with material disadvantage. I think it is important to mention this to avoid a mistake in the History. 


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