A Win or Draw?, Checkmate, and The Bishop Pair (+ Video)
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A Win or Draw?, Checkmate, and The Bishop Pair (+ Video)


Hi everyone. Three weeks later I’m back. I have continued releasing new content to my channel and one more time I bring my favorite three videos I’ve uploaded in this period. There is about endgames, chess basics, and strategy (stuff for all tastes ).


Wrong-Color Bishop Endgame [Instructive Example]

(White to move)

This is a 5 minutes video with a challenging question about a nice endgame. You need to evaluate the position and decide whether it’s a Win or a Draw. Also, some endgame theory included.


Check, Checkmate and Stalemate

This one includes the definitions and some tricky questions about these concepts. Good for beginners, but also for players a little more advanced who want to refresh and make sure they are fine with this content.


BEST Game to Understand the Advantage of the Two Bishops

This is my most recent upload. Even without any material advantage, you could win games just by having The Two Bishops (also known as The Bishop Pair).  In this video, you can learn how to do that (when it is possible at all).


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